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documentation series (ALL I NEED IS YOUTH)

performance documentation, Greece


I miss myself living in hometown; I miss myself in the last year; I miss myself waking up this morning; I miss myself taking out the laptop and turning it on; I miss myself in last Mo already.

I guess I’m a nostalgic person, except for not exactly. I don’t feel nostalgic about the past, but the youth in the past.

Those who are older than me are pitiful, and those who are younger are abhorrent.

To the ones who are no longer young, the misery is, all the good things in the world -- if you really think about it -- are supposedly meant for the youth to enjoy. If youth is an entity, the entire beauteousness would be exclusively found on its body. Youth doesn’t need much else, because it is fed up by itself.

The reason that the elders would take serious of the younger ones is that the young people are young and that counts the world for the old people. The only virtue an old people ever wants to see on a young one is the youth.

The youngsters may not know a thing, but simply by pulling off their youth they could destroy the elders.