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shepherd for a Mo

I was simply walking the other day, when the women suddenly came to me on the street, with a leash one end in her hand and the other attached to a sheep. She asked me with great anxious, if I could possibly look after her sheep for a while, because she had to leave for some emergency and would definitely come back, "in two hours, tops!" said she.

Before I knew, I was leading the sheep to a nearby botanical garden for some adequate sheep food. What a beautiful sheep, I kept thinking. The fleece on its body was pure white, except for that of the face, which was carbon black. I liked the sheep very much that I decided to call it by the name Oscar. We strolled at the garden for quite a while, although there wasn’t much that Oscar liked to taste, but I'd like to believe we had a good time together. It was a pity though that I did not have a clue of how Oscar would tell the story from its side, plus I had a difficult time seeing its face expression through the carbon black.

Two hours flowed by and we headed back to the meeting place where the woman suggested. Oscar spotted a puddle on the side of the asphalt road and went ahead vivaciously to fix its dehydration.

The women was still no where to be found, however a parking-slot watcher showed up his presence by shouting to me from a Land-Rover-distance in a slightly mandatory tone:” hey, you can’t park your sheep here!”. “What? We are not parking! We are expecting a friend to show up”, I was not so light-toned myself. “That's none of my business. This parking slot is for motor vehicles and charges by hour. If you’re going to occupy this spot, you must pay 30 Yuan... per hour”, he continued his speech with a rather softened voice, “why don’t you and your non-motor vehicle just move a few steps? Look, right there. No fee for sheep parking!”.
I had no words. I lowered my head to look at Oscar, who was just either having a space out or finding the back bumper on the Land Rover super attractive, as if this whole conflict with the parking-slot watcher had nothing to do with a sheep.

We retreated to the non-motor vehicle parking zone like the man demanded, the side of pedestrian, where a striking amount of bikes standing alongside. They were those small bikes for urban sharing. Oscar obviously saw it differently, and I could even tell the sudden excitement from its carbon black face. Oscar shuttled back and forth in between the bikes, and "baaed" in sheep lauguage. I became excited too, to finally hear its voice.

A while later Oscar calmed down and fell straight into a state of melancholia of some sort. It tottered toward a tree and stranded still in the following half hour. Until the woman took it away, Oscar never moved again.

The woman showed up herself and apologised repeatedly, and I had to accepted her apologies repeatedly while I was trying to say goodbye to Oscar. I kneeled down to put my arms around its neck and to kiss it on the cheek, then I whispered, “I had a great mo with you. Take care, Oscar”. Oscar didn’t looked at me.

They soon left my eye sight.